not lost just found

Two sets of four chairs left in the dusty attic

I bought my first Leica when visiting Rome back in December 2014. 

My second-hand M6 has its own story. I let go its unconvincing Summarit 50 when I traded it with a Summicron 50 (Type IV) in Kyoto in 2016 to accompany a good old Elmarit 28 (Type III).

In age of digital, I try to get lost in time with my Leica and over 60 film rolls I think I found my way back home to start over.

sit down

not lost just found simply shares an everyday street life through a lens. Check the photo story below. If you are interested subscribe for premium content as well.

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February 2015-December 2019

the market boy

The best thing about a picture is that it never changes, even when the people in it do

Andy Warhol

inside out

Be it London, Copenhagen or Brussels; vitrines tell us a story. Different typography requires no dictionary to get the message. Sometimes you are observing from inside often peeking from outside. Take your baby steps.


The camera is an excuse to be someplace you otherwise don’t belong. It gives me both a point of connection and a point of separation.

Susan Meiselas

one in a million

My camera is a proof assistant of the strange world that I see around me.

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familiar places

Almost empty streets are appealing to me because a surprise can happen anytime. I have no complaints when some uninvited face enters the frame. Photography is connecting cities to each other.

sunday afternoons are always special

The colour theory of the 4 seasons do not necessarily apply. I prefer pastel and warm tones

people keep moving

I want the viewers to be moved into the lives of the people that they are looking at, the visual experience is incredibly emotional.

Paul Fusco

city keeps changing

Brussels is obviously my subject because it is home to me.

Photography has a huge impact. But no one looks at photographs either. Those not looking at the life itself what can they see in a photograph? I do not take photographs for people to look and be impressed. I photograph what I see. Some see. Some don’t.

Ara Güler

das kapital

Some seek profit. My camera does not criticise this simply because I also try to capitalise on the moment. Economic globalisation – trade and consumption trends surround us. What about those that are trapped in a spiral of poverty? I rather buy second hand equipment and films, not megapixels.

city is yours once you are mobile

Walk, watch, wait, repeat… You are not stuck in traffic, you are traffic. My photography covers urban mobility since this is also my day job.

old timers

The good and the beautiful are not forgotten, they live in the legends and songs.

Hans Christian Andersen

city is for people watching

A man from another world is seated in the parc

Strangers come together. It is the tourists or pigeons. You just sti in the corner and observe.

Two ladies seated in Grand Place Brussels

eye contact with strangers is fine

Collection of Greek and Roman antiquities at Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien

Eye contact beats any conversation.

Christina Strigas
Window shopping is what I do the most
The end
Photographer photographs and loves photographing his lover

Photographer keeps watching you!